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Monthly Special Broadcasts

"Finding Your Center Through Meditation and Positive Actions With Lorrie Gilrane"

Feeling calm, clear and spiritually connected is often very challenging.  It's easy to feel overwhelmed from the normal stress that comes with this life.  The act of meditation is something anyone can do. It can measurably improve our daily outlook and enable us to maintain a more peaceful lifestyle and greater personal happiness. It also helps us to find our balance and centers us in a way that raises our awareness of the spirit world.

During each broadcast you'll be guided through a mediation and have the opportunity to ask questions and share your experience. 

Lorrie is a Certified Evidential Medium and Reiki Master. The foundation for her belief in continuous life is rooted in her religious upbringing and personal experiences. She learned first hand, after suffering loss and searching for a medium, just how comforting and beneficial mediumship is, when it is provided in a respectful and evidential way.  This compelled her to cultivate her own intuitive abilities. Through education, she came to understand that everyone is connected to Spirit and that sharing what we receive is a gift to others, ourselves and to those in Spirit.

During a mediumship reading she provides Evidential information related to those who have crossed into spirit. 

Lorrie is a member of the Spiritualist National Union (SNUI), the Distant Healing Network and is often a guest co-host on The Mediums View.  She has been married for 29 years and has two lovely daughters. Additionally, Lorrie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in e-Business Management. In 2011 she was tested and approved by the Best American Psychics online directory.    

Lorrie continuously works on her development and studies at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ and at The Spirit Education Center & Sanctuary in Effort Pa, where she received both Mediumship and Reiki Certifications. In the summer months Lorrie attends classes at Lily Dale located in New york, which is considered to be the mecca of Spiritualism. She has been fortunate enough to attend workshops provided by well respected international Mediums including, Rev. Janet Nohavec, Gloria Weichand, Sharon Klingler, Rev. Joseph Shiel, Lisa Williams, Brian Robertson, Simon James, Re. Rose Vanden Eynden, Neil Rzepkowski . . . just to mention a few.

She believes that everyone is connected and that our learning here never stops. Her spiritual journey is dedicated to her mother, Lorraine. It is her personal goal to be of help, service and comfort to those who are seeking information or are in need.  

Please join Lorrie the fourth Wednesday of each month from 1PM to 2PM EST.

"Signs From Above with Laura Ophoff"

Stories of ordinary people with extraordinary messages that were received through "signs" from their loved ones in Heaven.  Feel comfort in knowing that your loved ones are watching over you and are able to validate it through signs.  Call in to share your own stories or thoughts, or just to join in on the discussion and let Laura help you open your eyes to recognize the signs!

Laura is a Certified Spiritual Medium & Usui Reiki Master.   In January 2009, Laura began her Mediumship  Education & Spiritual Journey at "The Spirit Education Center & Sanctuary" in the Poconos, P.A. and received her  Mediumship Certification in May 2012.   Under the supervision of Gloria J. Weichand, Laura was educated & properly guided to "work in the light" and was taught how to help people heal.  During a Reading with Laura, she will connect those in the spirit world to receive as much validation as possible so that it will leave no doubt in your mind that your loved ones have connected with you from the spirit world.  If you are looking for guidance about your life, such as career, relationships, spiritual growth, etc., Laura will connect with you by working with your aura, which contains information about you, your past, your present and your future.  Her intention is to bring awareness where needed and to provide you with the best guidance to help you move forward from current obstacles in your life.  Laura's services also include Reiki Healing Sessions.  Reiki Sessions are gentle and non-intrusive.  The client feels a warm glowing feeling of peace, serenity and relation.

Please join Laura the third Wednesday of each month from 1PM to 2PM EST.

"Angel Talk With Rosanne Turek"

Angel Talk with Rosanne is a forum where listeners will learn about the Angelic realm, how to work with them and have an opportunity to share their own Angel encounters which we all seem to have had at sometime in our lives!

Roseann is a Certified Spiritual Evidential Medium with a strong  psychic ability. She is very connected to the Angel and Archangel Realm and has developed her own system of “tapping in” to the world of spirit receiving information in a very accurate and  evidential manner.
Roseanne has been doing card readings for over twenty years and has studied extensively under the teachings of Doreen Virtue.  She continues to educate herself in the spiritual arts by taking advanced mediumship courses by Certified  Mediums from the Lily Dale Assembly. Gloria Weichand tested and Certified her as a Medium in May, 2012,  at the Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary located  in Effort, Pa.  She is a professional with a strong background as a lecturer and corporate trainer.  She currently runs a monthly Physical Mediumship Circle for Intermediate and Advanced Mediums at The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary.

Please join Roseanne the first Monday of each month from 8PM to 9PM EST.

To Contact Rosanne:


Phone:  570-926-0630

"Soul and Body Healing Meditations with Lisa"

Lisa has been leading guided meditations for over thirty years.  She has studied many modalities for enhancing peoples lives and health including;  Usui Reiki; Qigong; Feng Shui; as well as visualization and meditation.  

Since she was a small child, Lisa has been aware of her gifts and abilities.  But as she grew up, she used them less and less until finally she put them away completely, like old memories in the back of a closet.

At one point her life was perfect.  She had a wonderful loving husband and a beautiful daughter…a perfect family.  Together they built a life that they thought would last a lifetime.  

Then came a decade of disease and mourning, when first one, then another, then another of her family became ill and passed, including her husband.  The loss was devastating, but these losses, slowly over time, brought her back to the things she learned as a small child to help her cope with present reality…helping others.

Lisa began taking classes to become a more effective healer, a clearer psychic and a true evidential medium, under the guidance of Gloria J. Weichand.

Many of the people Lisa works with tell her that they hurt.  Whether physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Her role then becomes the healer, whether it be through visualization, Feng Shui, meditation or guided energy, to help those who have found their way to her, heal in what ever way they need to be healed.

Lisa is not a doctor and does give medical advice, nor does she diagnose medical conditions.  The healing work Lisa gives is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnoses and treatment, but rather are used to compliment such treatment.

She will use elements from many of these disciplines mentioned above in her monthly radio show.  

Please join Lisa the first Tuesday of each month from 8PM to 9PM EST.

To Contact Lisa:

If you have a serious health imbalance, please see a doctor or other appropriate professional for any physical or psychological ailment you may have and consider making complementary healing part of your complete health care program.